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Breaking Down and Building Up: Designing and Teaching Scaffolds

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Files and Resources

All-Ed Scaffolding - Math for America Summer Think Keynote Slides.pdf

PDF of the slides for easy downloading.


ORIG KEYNOTE FILE (Warning: 500MB!): http://tinyurl.com/yd6hcc3w  


Embedded Powerpoint for Days 1-2
(You get the gist, but the videos and animations don't always display correctly. This was created in/for Keynote above)


Day 3 Embedded Powerpoint



All Ed Scaffolding - Task Analysis at a Glance.pdf

Resource on Task Analysis and Examples


All Ed Scaffolding - Scaffolding Examples and Exercises.pdf

Resource on Scaffolds and Examples


All Ed Scaffolding - Task Analysis Routine Outline.pdf

Worksheet for Task Analysis Routine


All-Ed Scaffolding - Task Analysis Frame.pdf

Final Writing Frame for Task Analysis


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